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Business Conveyancing

Four Points Conveyancing can assist you in the Sale or Purchase of a business whether it is the Business only or includes the Freehold of premises whereupon the business is conducted.

It is important if you are contemplating purchasing a business that a Contract for the Sale of Business is reviewed by the Purchasers Conveyancer to enable relevant advices about the implication of the business purchase and the information disclosed in the Form 2 Business Disclosure Statement which will be provided by the Vendor and/or the vendors Agent at the time of completing a contract for the Purchase of the Business.

Ideally Four Points Conveyancing likes to view these documents either prior to submitting an offer or within the initial cooling off period on service of the Form 2 to the Business Purchase.

A well drafted Business Contract will allow a due diligence period or an equivalent which allows a prospective purchaser to thoroughly investigate the financial books of the business being purchased and to make all necessary enquiries to ensure that the prospective Purchaser is satisfied as to the Business they are purchasing this may allow an additional period of time following the cooling off period for this to be completed but is dependent on what is negotiated at the point of Offer.

Four Points Conveyancing will provide a detailed advice to a prospective Purchaser who has entered into a contract in the Cooling off period as to what is required by them to be completed during the lead up to settlement of the business, this may include notations in relation to a liquor License if involved with the prospective purchase.

Four Points Conveyancing will then work with their client in completing all necessary transfers/ assignments of leases etc required to facilitate the settlement of the Business and finally effectual settlement of the business transaction.