Title Insurance

Title Insurance is an Insurance product available to purchasers and existing owners alike, that insures against unknown issues relating to your property during the time you own that property.

Title Insurance is affordable protection and comes with a Once off Premium at the commencement of the policy and represents very good value. The Coverage lasts for the life that the ownership remains the same for that property. It is really is an affordable policy for protection against unknown Risks.

With No excess on Claims and protection against Fraud and/ or Forgery with respect to your property it is a policy which we at Four Points Conveyancing Strongly recommend that every purchaser (and existing owner) should obtain.

Four Points Conveyancing provides information to all of our purchasers relating to the product as part of our complete Conveyancing Service.

Visit First Title Insurance which details coverage , premiums and claims paid out on a state by state basis and is a very informative tool.