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Land Division

land division

For the Once off Developer or what is commonly called the Mums and Dads developers we are able to assist in the preliminary advice of what is required to divide a block of land and achieve the final results required by the land division.

Well organized Land division process developed by Four points

Generally for our small developers the first stage is to check with their local council to ensure that the Development Plan for the Area allows the proposed Plan of land division. To do this draft a mud map (rough drawing) with approximate measurements of your proposed division and take it to the Planning area of your local Council for their preliminary assessment.

Once you have ascertained that the Council may look at your proposed plan you will need to engage the services of a Surveyor to commence the next stage of your Division proposal. Four Points Conveyancing can recommend a Qualified Surveyor to assist you in your surveying requirements and we invite you to contact our office or visit the Professional partners link or our website to take you to their contact page.

For Commercial Developers, Four Points Conveyancing is keen to develop relationships with Commercial Developers to assist them in the smooth business management of their proposed Sub divisions.

Apart from the obvious Plan documentation work required we can offer Encumbrance drafting, Land division Management Agreements, Contract Division Special Conditions to name just a few that enables the Developer to simply worry about developing the Land

We invite those developers to contact our office to see what we may be able to do to improve their bottom line.

Other Division work conducted:-

Encroachments and Realignment of boundaries