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We will ensure that a Memorandum of Lease is drawn pursuant to the Retail and Commercial Leases Act providing the relevant protection to both a Landlord and Tenant with respect to each partys rights and entitlements pursuant to the Act.

Four Points Conveyancing will draft a Disclosure Statement on behalf of a Landlord required to be provided to a prospective tenant during the negotiation stage of the lease which is required to be given to a prospective tenant under the Act.

Once a successful tenant is secured we will arrange for a formal lease to be prepared for the premises with such negotiated terms inserted appropriately into the formal Lease Agreement.

As a rule the Landlord and Tenant will equally split the cost of the preparation costs of the Lease agreement and further Four Points Conveyancing strongly recommends that the Lease Agreement and payment of document fees are provided to the office prior to arranging access for the prospective tenant.

Adjustment of outgoings can be arranged at settlement of the Lease agreement should it be agreed by the Landlord and tenant to be part of the process, otherwise outgoings are generally billed by the landlord to the tenant as they are received during the period of the lease.